Now you can own this incredible piece of art for the cost of postage!  We just ask you pay what you feel upon receipt in BTC to the QR code included and if people ask where you got it, you tell them.  Simply enter code ASYOUFEEL at checkout.

The  entire bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto shaped into the bitcoin logo!  Professionally Printed on high quality 70cm x 50 cm 200gsm paper.

This is a great piece of Bitcoin art, one I think every enthusiast should have on their wall to inspire conversation and enjoy!  The images are purely to give you an example of the work, you'll be amazed by the finished product, very crisp and sharp and a truly great piece of art.

These beautiful prints are created to allow for crystal clear reproduction; you can effortlessly read the entire white paper, or stand back and admire a design that is created exclusively by arranging each word into an image representative of the bitcoin logo itself.  No word is obscured in any way, the overall effect is unbelievable.

The picture features a Bitcoin tipping address QR code to subsidise the printing cost in the hope that people will tip when they talk about it.

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BitBits Presents - BTC logo White paper

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